Its Not Armaan Malik Vs Sonakshi Sinha, Here is Why Armaan Malik Makes Sense 

Recently , Sonakshi Sinha and Armaan Malik engaged in a war of words on twitter.While the Internet is split between supporting Sonakshi Sinha and Armaan Malik here is why Armaan Malik ‘s stance is right and really important to consider.Armaan’s tweets were not targeted at Sonakshi Sinha but at a much bigger issue on the whole.Here is why Armaan Malik is right in wanting singers to be in the opening act of events with International Singers.

1) Indian Singers Are Not Recognized Internationally

This comes as no surprise as none of India ‘s best singers have been able to make it big on the global scale.When big international artists like Justin Bieber come to India , the local singing talent should be given the opportunity first.Why is it that because of vested interests , organisers are shunning singers of this opportunity ? It is only on such platforms that singers from India can interact with International Artists and possibly collaborate.We should give the singers of India an opportunity to bring India to higher heights on the global music platform.

2) It’s Ok For Actors To Sing in Movies

Actors sing for the promotion of their movie and this is the growing trend in Bollywood.Its fine because it does the job of promoting the movie in India.People in India know that is an actor who is singing the song that is why it is okay to turn a blind eye and our reputation on the global platform is not at stake. People around the world however would not know this and would be in the misconception about the quality of singers in India when they would watch the opening act of Justin Bieber’s concert.Most bollywood actor’s singing capabilities are not of the calibre of our best singers.Its just like how you would send the best movie for Oscars and not the meagre one.The rest of the world should see the best that Indian musicians can offer.Especially in big concerts invovlving international artists like Justin Bieber’s , give the opportunity to the ones who can represent the best of the music scene in India.

3) But Singers Act In Music Videos …

This is necessary for the survival of a singer in today’s world because in India many times a singer just remains a voice of an actor and does not get due recognition.Its only when we see and listen to them in in a music video , are we able to remember who is truly behind that song.In addition, every where else in the world , the singer himself stars in his/her music video it is not something new that has been started in India and it is actually gratifying that singers are finally having a large active fan base in India because of starring in their own music videos.

4) Question of Insecurity ?

Armaan Malik’s stance does not reek of insecurity but a demand of equal rights.The singers who have spent all their life polishing their skill definitely are more deserving of a bigger stage and opportunities. If maybe a singer was also included to be a part of the opening act , it would not have been a problem for anyone.Organisers should not be unfair to singers for their own personal monetary gain.

5) Not Just Sonakshi Sinha

It’s not just Sonakshi Sinha , any actor who is not musically trained should not be in the opening act.This is not a personal attack. We do not have a dearth of talented musicians in India , who can sing really well and better.On a global platform , our best singers should be portrayed first.

6) Who is to really blame ?

The organisers. Not Sonakshi Sinha.Not Armaan Malik. Who would not want to perform with Justin Bieber ? Nothing wrong if Sonakshi Sinha wants to. Though Sonakshi Sinha is not opening Justin ‘s concert , the organisers have approached her.The organisers should introspect whether or not they were right in wanting actors to open the act.Its not like Justin Bieber would attract lesser crowds without the performance of a popular bollywood celebrity, might as well give it to the singers who can make us proud.

In conclusion, the issue raised by Armaan Malik and Kailash Kher are fair and important.Sonakshi Sinha might have been offended , maybe because she felt personally attacked but the point is its not only about her but about all actors in general.We should help our musicians get the due recognition they deserve and give them opportunities to prove themselves on the global platform.When it comes to international events we should always promote the best and let the cream of the crop bring India ‘ s name forward.



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